Drone Surveys/GIS Surveys

Phoenix Environmental can now undertake high accuracy aerial and underwater sonar drone surveys either as a supplement to site investigation and remedial work, or as a standalone survey.

Deploying a Matrice 210 aerial drone, operated by a CAA licenced pilot and a SonarMite – CS15 aquatic drone with sonar sounding for underwater surveying, we can offer remote sensing, and ground level surveying of terrestrial sites, and sonar sounding of surface water bodies.

Using photogrammetry, among other techniques we are able to undertake Georeferenced Topographic Surveys, and produce high resolution 3D models in a variety of formats, including DXF, LAS, ESRI Shape File, as well as other vector and raster outputs (including photorealistic 3D images) if required.

We are also able to provide bathymetric surveys of still or flowing water bodies using sonar sounding, and can provide information regarding underwater topography, slope gradients and submerged objects.

Drone surveys are ideal for volumetric surveys of stockpiles, voids, or water bodies, on sites where pedestrian/vehicular access is not possible to undertake standard topographic surveys, or on large sites where traditional surveying techniques would be prohibitively expensive.

We are able to use GIS software to interrogate the data provided by our drone fleet, or third party data in order to provide visual, qualitative and and quantitative interpretation.

Please contact us for further information, and to obtain sample data.