Human Health Risk


In addition to having an impact on controlled waters, contamination can have an adverse effect on those who live, work, or visit a site.

The risk to human receptors is often more straightforward to address than risks to controlled waters, but more acute, immediate and potentially harmful.

The assessment of human health risk from land and groundwater contamination is therefore vital in order to ensure that short and long term effects on the body are mitigated.

Human health risk is largely determined by the interaction of the built environment and site use with contamination in the ground and groundwater. It is therefore usually possible to integrate mitigation into a proposed development, avoiding significant remediation costs.

Phoenix Environmental have vast experience in working with stakeholders at the design stage to avoid large scale remedial works, and in providing cost effective solutions which are sufficient to satisfy the LPA, and local authority environmental health officers, who are in most cases the regulators with regard to human health risk.