Previous Stage – Remediation

Where remediation has been undertaken, it is always necessary to provide evidence to the regulators (Environment Agency or EHO dependent on the risk driver), and planning authority that the works have been adequately completed, and that the remediated Site is suitable for intended use. We call this process ‘verification’.

Verification is perhaps the most important stage of the model procedures established in the LCRM, and has the most significant effect on long term financial liability, land value, and warranties.

The nature of the verification required will be dependent on the remediation works carried out, and will have been stipulated in the remediation strategy.

The verification report is also where changes to the remediation strategy are documented, and evidence provided that such changes have been undertaken appropriately.

Phoenix Environmental can provide technical support and Site supervision during the construction phase, the implementation of remedial works and following completion ultimately allowing the verification of a Site.

This support can include: